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This service aims to give a convenient and cost effective alternative to publish journals and other serial publications electronically. Open Journal Systems (OJS) is a journal management and publishing system that has been developed by the Public Knowledge Project to expand and improve access to research. The service is hosted by Lund University Library. If you want to make your publication available or have other enquiries about the service, please contact Martin Persson (martin.persson(a)

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Scandia : Tidskrift för historisk forskning

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Scandinavian Journal of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies

This journal is the sequel of the Scandinavian Journal of Modern Greek Studies, which was published in four volumes. Our aim is to expand our research scope and publish the journal annually. We publish this journal in collaboration with Greek and Byzantine Studies at Uppsala University, catering to all scholars working with Greek philology and history from the Byzantine period until the present.

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ScieCom Info

NOTE: Vol 10, No 2 (2014) is the final issue of Sciecom Info. This site will no longer be updated.

For further discussions on Open Access in a Nordic context, please visit the new journal Nordic Perspectives on Open Science (NOPOS)

ScieCom info – Nordic-Baltic Forum for Scientific Communication is a two-year project funded by the Nordbib research funding programme

ISSN: 1652-3202

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Slavica Lundensia

Slavica Lundensia was founded in 1973 by L’ubomír Durovic, professor of Slavic Languages. It has since functioned as a forum for scholars from Lund University to communicate with the international research community in Slavic languages, literatures and cultures in a broad sense. Slavica Lundensia is published on an irregular basis and each issue focuses on a specific subject from within the disciplines. Recently, it has focused on issues of culture and identity, as well as cultural influences between the Slavic world and Scandinavia. The series has world-wide distribution.

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Socialvetenskaplig tidskrift

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Statsvetenskaplig tidskrift

Welcome to the archive of Statsvetenskaplig tidskrift. All journal content is in Swedish except for the article abstracts which, in most cases, are in English.

Please visit for information about the current issue.

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Svenskt Gudstjänstliv

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Swedish Journal of Romanian Studies

Swedish Journal of Romanian Studies (Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University) publishes studies about Romanian language, literature and film, as well as reviews of works within these fields. It welcomes articles that focus on case studies, as well as methodological and/or theoretical issues.

Swedish Journal of Romanian Studies is a new forum for scholars of Romanian language, literature and film that sets and requires international high quality standards. The journal accepts papers written in Romanian or English, as well as in French and Italian.

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Swedish Theological Quarterly

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