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Scandia is a history journal dedicated to central themes within historical research in the Nordic countries. The emphasis is on Nordic and European history, on theory and method, and on historiography. The journal is issued twice a year. Scandia is classified as a level 1 journal according to the Norwegian Register.


Scandia transitioning to immediate Open Access
In recent years, each issue of Scandia became digitally available through Open Access after a six-month delay. The Swedish Research Council has pushed for the increased accessibility of research, and the editorial staff wants to contribute to this effort. Therefore, from 2025, each issue will immediately become available as Open Access. New issues will also be available for purchase through print-on-demand.

For those of you who like to read Scandia in its physical format, there does not need to be any change, since you will still be able to subscribe to the printed version of Scandia. However, subscription fees will be increased to cover the additional costs involved in printing.

The subscription fees for 2025 will be SEK 350 within the Nordic region and SEK 425 for other subscribers. For students, the price will be SEK 250.

Wiebke Kolbe, Editor and Liesbeth Geevers, Chair of the board


Current Issue

Vol. 90 No. 1 (2024)
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The contents will be available as open access from the late autumn of 2024. If you would like to subscribe to Scandia or buy a single issue of the journal, please contact  lars.edgren@hist.lu.se.

Published: 2024-05-29
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