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IASS 2010 Proceedings

Translation - Adaptation, Interpretation, Transformation. Proceedings from the 28th Study Conference of IASS, Lund 3-7 August 2010
Ed. by Claes-Göran Holmberg and Per Erik Ljung
Technical editing and layout: Maria Svenningsson
Technician: Tomas Schönthal
Publishing in Open Journal Systems: Lund University Libraries, Head Office

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Information Research

Information Research, is an open access, international, scholarly journal, dedicated to making accessible the results of research across a wide range of information-related disciplines. It is privately published and edited by Professor T.D. Wilson and hosted, and with technical support, by Lund University Libraries, Sweden and with editorial support from the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, Gothenburg University and Högskolan in Borås.

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International Conference on Languages, E-Learning and Romanian Studies

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