Vol 13 Nr 2023:4 (2023): Nordidactica 2023:4

This issue presents seven fresh studies on the didactics of social science subjects.

In the first article Jonas Henau Teglbjærg focuses on classroom discussions in Danish social science lessons.

The second article by Tanja Kohvakka seeks to examine how history textbooks have portrayed minorities in Finland and the nation’s colonial past.

The third article by Sebastian Tjelle Jarmer focuses on the themes of democracy and citizenship education.

In the fourth article Simon Simchai Hansen and Knut Aukland report a design-based intervention in moral education that aimed to enhance 11-13 year old Norwegian students’ ethical competence.

The fifth article focuses on a similar theme, ethics, although with a completely different approach. In the article, Jon Magne Vestøl reports a review study of articles from the Journal of Moral Education.

The sixth article by Christina Ruth and Tomas Hanell offers insight on matriculation examinations in Finland in Geography.

The seventh article by Katarina Kärnebro concludes the issue. She presents results from a discourse analysis of teachers’ talk about their teaching in relation to children’s existential questions.

We would like to express our gratitude here especially to the authors and reviewers who have been key in keeping the journal alive, interesting and of excellent quality in 2023.


Martin Ubani & Anuleena Kimanen

Publicerad: 2023-10-30