Konstruktiv religionskritikk og medborgerskap: Læreres beskrivelser og refleksjoner


  • Sebastian Tjelle Jarmer MF vitenskapelig høyskole for teologi, religion og samfunn


Religionskritikk, Religionsundervisning, Medborgerskap


Through discussion of new perspectives from democracy- and citizenship research, sociology of religion, and religious didactics, this article explores criticism of religion in Norwegian religious education. Based on empirical analyses of 13 semi-structured interviews with teachers from various upper secondary schools in Norway, the article contributes to the development of criticism of religion as an analytical category. Based on the teachers' descriptions the article argues that teaching about criticism of religion is a fruitful entrance to learning about, for, and through democracy. The contribution illustrates that metacognitive perspectives, power analyses, professional knowledge, and practical experience are considered central elements to facilitate what this article characterizes as constructive criticism of religion.


Sebastian Tjelle Jarmer, MF vitenskapelig høyskole for teologi, religion og samfunn

Sebastian Tjelle Jarmer er doktorgradsstipendiat i religionsdidaktikk ved MF vitenskapelig høyskole for teologi, religion og samfunn. I doktorgraden ser han nærmere på religionskritikk i religionsfaget og interesserer seg særlig for sammenhengen mellom religionsfaget og demokratiutdanning.