En karl blir inte människa förrän han gifter sig

Genuskonstruktioner i Husmodern år 1940 och 1950

  • Malin Anna Minor Jonsson Masterstudent Lunds universitet
Nyckelord: Genuskonstruktioner, Veckotidningar, Svensk beredskapstid, Manlighet, Kvinnlighet


This article examines gender norms in the Swedish magazine Husmodern during the years 1940 and 1950. The writers of the magazine meant that there were differences in male and female behavior and Psyche. In 1940 the women were seen as an important part of swedish labour when many men got drafted during World War II. Interviewed men supported female labour, but some thought women should not have worked at all. Wives often complained about their husbands and called childlike names in the magazine. In 1950 the women were no longer urged to work by the writers. Instead women were encouraged to become mothers by the writers in Husmodern.