Vol 13 Nr 2023:3 (2023): Nordidactica 2023:3

This is the third issue of Nordidactica - Journal of Humanities and Social Science Education - in 2023 (vol 13), and our first issue as its Editors.

The present volume consists of seven articles and one debate article. The first two articles of the issue spring from recent curriculum reforms. In the first article, Nina Mård focuses on primary school teachers’ perceptions of their subject in basic education grades 4-6 in Finland. In the second article Thomas Widholm also focuses on teachers. The article stems from changes in the Swedish curriculum in 2011, where the topic ’questions about creation and evolution’ was included as an example but not as a mandatory topic in religious education.

The next four articles provide insights into subject education in the intersection of democracy education, critical thinking and civic education. In the third article Harald Borgebund and Kjetil Børhaug from Norway combine democracy education with experiential learning. The fourth article by Klas Andersson and Kristoffer Larsson focuses on critical thinking social studies subjects in Sweden. The fifth article by Henri Satokangas and Pia Mikander focuses on the ways in which the reader is positioned in the role of an active citizen in social studies textbooks in Finnish basic education. In the sixth article Evy Jøsok and Anders Granås Kjøstvedt focus on political self-efficacy and controversial issues in social studies education in the Norwegian context.

In the seventh article Anders Åkerlund presents a pilot study of student-supervisor interaction and the articulation of practical or silent knowledge in history education in Sweden. This issue ends with Harald Endre Tafjords debate article which discusses the prospects of using historical novels in history teaching in Norwegian upper secondary schools.

As the final words of this editorial, we would like to express our gratitude to the previous editors of the past two years, Heidi Eskelund Knudsen and Anders Stig Christensen: Tusind Tak!

Martin Ubani & Anuleena Kimanen

Publicerad: 2023-06-08