Vägar att lära om stadslandskapet i geografiämnet


  • Hans Olof Gottfridsson University of Karlstad


geografi, didaktik, stad, fältstudier


Most people in the world today live their lives in an urban environment. The urban landscape has therefore become our everyday landscape, and life in the city is perceived as normative for the good life in many contexts. Because of this, there is an increasing need to focus on learning about the urban landscape in schools, not least in the school subject of geography. In summary, the article has the ambition to combine ideas from geography with ideas from spatial and social planning and thus suggest new ways to learn about the urban landscape within the framework of the Swedish curriculum for geography in the compulsory and upper secondary school. In these cases, the article gives direct examples of how different dimensions of the city can be understood in a learning situation, what different ways of learning about these can look like, and what educational/pedagogical tools for learning about them can be used. The article also emphasises the special suitability of the geography subject when it comes to teaching young people about key future issues such as sustainable development, in this case linked to the urban landscape.


Hans Olof Gottfridsson, University of Karlstad

Hans Olof Gottfridsson är lektor i kulturgeografi vid Karlstads universitet. Han är också ämnesansvarig för lärarutbildningen i geografi och programledare för Samhällsplanerarprogrammet vid samma universitet. E-mail: Hans.Olof.Gottfridsson@kau.se