Samfunnsfagdidaktisk forsking med empiri frå norsk skule – eit forskingsoversyn

  • Yngve Skjæveland


The article provides an overview and assessment of empirical research on social studies in Norwegian school from 1997 to 2020. The research is fragmented and large parts of the social studies subject have scarcely been explored. Far more research has been conducted in civic education and history than in geography. Democracy is the individual topic that has received most attention from researchers. Far more studies have been carried out in secondary school than in primary school, and qualitative studies are predominant. There is a greater focus on students' understanding than on the teacher's perspective. The number of publications in the field has been increasing in recent years, but the new curriculum places new requirements on teachers and teacher education, which increases the need for new research in the field. The article discusses research gaps and possible future research objectives.