«Vi … er på vei inn i en ny tidsalder der det i stor grad er kvinnekjønnet som setter premissene for samfunnsutviklingen» - en kritisk analyse av lærebøker i samfunnsfag

  • Marte Handal


Gender equality is percieved as a core value in the Norwegian society and is mentioned several times in the curriculum produced by The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training. The Norwegian Education Act demands that all education are to promote gender equality. Research has found that this aim has had little focus in the school sector. Using a critical discursive approach, this study investigates how social studies textbooks deal with gender equality in a Norwegian upper secondary school context. Findings confirm previous studies that have found that gender equality is already achieved in Norway, but this article also point to findings that include an imbalance in gender representation in all textbooks and an inconsistancy when it comes to whether or not Norway has achieved gender equality.The material shows varying degrees of gender awareness, which has an impact on students. Also, all three textbooks mainly include gender equality in regards to gender roles, which is in line with the curriculum aims.