Demokratiutbildningens didaktik: internalisering, tänkande och handlande


  • Sebastian Piepenburg Örebro universitet
  • Cecilia Arensmeier Örebro Universitet


democratic education, civic education, democracy, didaktik, samhällsdidaktik


This article discusses democratic and citizenship education with the ambition of linking theoretical insights from several fields of research to practical teaching. Perspectives on education, citizenship, politische Bildung, democratic theory and power, provides theoretical input. These perspectives are combined into three ideal-typical approaches to democratic education, emphasizing different aspects: democratic internalization, democratic acting and democratic thinking. We argue that practical teaching should utilize all three positions. Ultimately, a comprehensive didactic model is developed in order to visualize the relationship between the approaches. The model provides a bridge between theoretical and practical aspects of democratic education, which is useful for both teaching and research.