Engasjementsfaget – Er samfunnskunnskap engasjerende for elevene?


  • Kjetil Børhaug Universitetet i Bergen
  • Mona Langø Universitetet i Bergen


samfunnskunnskap, engasjement, laering, didaktikk, social science, engagement, learning, didactics


Student engagement i social science in secondary school is both a condition and an objective for teaching. The term engagement is, however, rather unclear and empirical research scarce. In this article, distinctions are made between engagement as following teaching actively, emotional engagement, cognitive engagement beyond following teaching in class, and finally political and social engagement. The research question is therefore: to what extent are students engaged to participate in class room teaching, and to what extent are they engaged emotionally, cognitively and politically? The research questions are examined based on interviews with 9 upper secondary school students. It is concluded that students only partially follow the teaching, while emoitional and political engagement develops to some extent.