Graderande granskning och förklarade glapp: Svensk historie- och samhällskunskapsdidaktisk forskning om lärares bedömningspraktik 2009– 2019


  • Mikael Berg Högskolan Dalarna
  • Anders Persson Högskolan Dalarna


assessment, assessment practice, subject didactics, history didactics, social science didactics


During the last decade there has been an increasing interest in the Swedish research field concerning assessment in schools.. The aim of this article is therefore to explore what perspectives that have being used by researchers in the Swedish field of history and social science subject didactic, when investigating teacher’s assessment practice. The method used in the article is a text analysis of 13 Swedish thesis and articles that deal with teacher’s assessment practice within the Swedish field of history and social science subject didactics between 2009 and 2019. The result shows that there an overwhelming part of the studies deals with examine teacher’s assessment practice. Another dominant trend is to explain the variations in teacher’s assessment practice. Overall the result shows that there is a lack of studies which begin with teachers subject specific experiences and also a lack of studies with a policy critical approach. To try to capture the complexity in assessment we therefore argue in the light of the result that there is a need of both a theoretical and cumulative broadening of the Swedish research field concerning teacher’s assessment with focus on the school subject’s history and social science.