Om anti-antisemittisme

  • Jon A. Lindstrøm Nord universitet


No one can disagree that it is important to combat antisemitism to the extent it is about anti-Jewish racism, hatred of Jews based on false religious and ideological convictions, and attacks on fundamental civil rights for Jews. At the same time, it can be just as legitimate to criticize Jewish religion and ideology as other types of religion and ideology. Both positive and negative beliefs about Jews as a group can have some degree of validity. In our time, hostile attitudes to Jews is particularly connected to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Jews in the diaspora are not responsible for Israel’s policy towards Palestinians. Nevertheless, they will risk being disliked to the extent they sympathize with Israel. The present article discusses these general points within the specific didactic context of combatting antisemitism in schools. Public ardor to eradicate antisemitism may be in conflict with the spirit of critical inquiry that the school system ought to promote in a “community of disagreement”.