Kunskapsdelning om undervisning i historia och SO-ämnena på sociala medier; en komparativ studie mellan USA och Sverige


  • Johan Samuelsson Karlstads Universitet


knowledge circulation, social studies, social media


This article reports on a study of how teachers share knowledge about teaching on social media, specifically in teacher groups on Facebook, which is a common channel for teachers sharing experience on teaching issues. Group discussion fora for teachers in the US and Sweden in History and Social Studies Subjects are compared. Most of the posts concern teaching content knowledge in various areas. There are very few examples of discussions on why a topic is being taught, however. The similarities between the US and Sweden in this context are significant, and can be understood as a result of a shared school system, which is characterized by a focus on performance, standards and tests. The group similarities can also be understood in relation to the special "Facebook culture” in which certain expected behaviours recur regardless of national context.