Exempel-vis. Det oväntade och föreställningar om religionskunskapslärares professionella kunnande


  • Björn Falkevall Akademin för Humaniora och media, Högskolan Dalarna och Institutionen för de Humanistiska och samhällsvetenskapliga ämnenas didaktik (HSD), Stockholms Universitet


The article is a critical interpretation of different perceptions of teacher’s professional knowledge as it is implicit in evidence based studies and Learnings Studies, two common ways of grounding the professional knowledge in educational science and in school politics today and therefore studied in teacher education. These two perceptions are analyzed with two metaphors from a research overview by Clandinin & Clandinin, called the conduit metaphor and teacher as curriculum maker. Strengths and shortcomings are pointed out. Especially in relation to unexpected events in teaching situations. A third perception of teacher’s professional knowledge is introduced and labelled teacher as jazz musician and the professional knowledge is viewed as improvisation. Based on the assumption from Gudmundsdottir experienced teachers have developed a curriculum story that helps them to improvisator – the re-active dimension of teaching. The two later perceptions are used in discussing three cases from students teaching. The thesis advocated is that the metaphor jazz - improvisation gives wider focus on RE as a school subject with content and meaning than the other two.