Where is Norwegian religious education research heading? A discussion based on two dissertations

  • Geir Skeie Stockholm University and University of Stavanger


Norwegian religious education research has produced more than 30 dissertations since late1990’s and has a strong and growing research record in spite of a rather weak and vulnerable position in academic structures. In order to assess the situation and to discuss future possibilities, the article presents the research context and go on to discuss the dissertations of Geir Skeie (1998) and Bengt-Ove Andreassen (2007). It is argued that they have many similarities, but also differences in the way they address the field and discuss epistemological issues. Theory, method and effects of the dissertations in the research community are mentioned and this leads to a deliberation about the role of academic disciplines in the construction of religious education research. A final discussion concludes that systematic reviews of religious education research would be helpful in order to develop future research and to avoid less fruitful disciplinary rivalries.