• Jan Löfström University of Helsinki
  • Sirpa Tani University of Helsinki


Having started as chief editors in Nordidactica in January 2015 we are now half way through our two-year editorship. We have been generously supported by the previous chief editors Torben Spanget Christensen and Peter Hobel who took the first two issues of this year to their final stage and publication. We warmly thank the whole editorial team for smooth collaboration during the year, and the reviewers for their invaluable contribution! In 2015 Nordidactica has published two special issues, one on religious education and one on history education, plus two open issues. Articles on geography education and social science education were sparse in 2015 but in 2016 Nordidactica will publish a special issue on geography education. We have every reason to expect that also themes of social science education will be covered more often in the future.