Videnskabsteoretisk refleksion som grundlaget for tværfagligt arbejde i almen studieforberedelse


  • Esben Nedenskov Petersen Syddansk universitet
  • Caroline Schaffalitzky de Muckadell Syddansk universitet




One of the courses in Danish upper secondary school is the course on general study preparation (called AT). It is stated in the national policy document of this course, that students must demonstrate understanding of scientific thinking and consider basic philosophical questions relating to the methodology of the sciences and humanities. However, as we argue, there is great risk that students are unable to connect philosophical/epistemological reflections with the use of scientific and academic methods. So, the question is how philosophy of science and the humanities can be integrated into general study preparation in a way that is natural and productive in relation to the embedded interdisciplinary approach of this course. To help meet this challenge, we have developed a philosophical approach that offers this integration by acting as a general framework for students' work on their so- called AT projects. This framework, which we call the basic scientific and academic model, is based on the general fundamental elements of academic studies. The purpose of the model is to make the overall features of the scientific approach concrete in a way that provides students with a basic understanding of academic thinking, which is a prerequisite for the interdisciplinary academic goals. Accordingly, the article's main focus is on the didactic challenge specifically related to the teaching of AT-course in Danish upper secondary school. However, we conclude by suggesting, that the basic scientific model could in fact be applied in the dissemination of philosophy of science outside the context of the AT-discipline as well.