Communication of Course Structure - An Underinvestigated and Underappreciated Building Block of Successful Teaching


  • Chunli Zhao
  • Martin Nilsson
  • Matthias Mayr
  • Oksana Yastremska
  • Stefan Karlsson


Course Structure, Communication, Deep Approach to Learning, Motivation


Many teachers spend a lot of time developing a course by choosing learning outcomes, suitable content, appropriate learning activities and designing the examination. While this is a topic in itself, the authors assumed that comparably little effort is spent in communicating these elements to the students. The objective of the study is to explore the importance of communication of course structure for teachers, students and regarding its connection to the students’ learning motivation and reaching a deep approach to learning. The report is based on literature review and interviews with teachers (N=4) and students (N=3). It was found, that the students are expecting a clear and precise communication of course structure. There is a space for the teachers to improve the communication of course structure for more effective teaching, that motivates the students and leads them to a deep approach to learning. Both the results and the lack of research literature suggest more future studies on strategies for good communication and the effect on students and the success of learning.