Call for Papers. Scandia Thematic Issue 2022: Religion in Everyday Life - Extended deadline


Lived Religion in the North from the Iron Age to Enlightenment

For most of human history, religious concepts and practices have been fundamental to how people have understood and interacted with the surrounding world. Religious practices give meaning and context to life
rhythms, work, and social relations. This forthcoming thematic issue of Scandia will address the daily aspects of religiosity in a historical perspective, with a focus on northern Europe before 1800. Therefore, we invite contributions that present research related to religion in social and cultural history, including Christianity but especially those that discuss other religious traditions such as Judaism, the Baltic religions, or
the Sámi religion.

The concept of Lived Religion is a theoretical perspective that has been employed in various ways in recent research. In this particular context, it is applied in order to more closely approach a practiced or experienced religiosity rather than institutionalised theological conditions – even if these two spheres have never been completely separated.

We especially welcome proposals from early career researchers, including doctoral candidates. Abstracts of 200–300 words should be submitted by May 4, 2021 (extended deadline). Accepted articles, written in one of the Scandinavian languages or English, must reach the guest editors by November 15, 2021. Completed articles are to be sent to Scandia’s editor-in-chief by January 15, 2022.

Scandia’s Thematic Issue ”Religion in Everyday Life” will be published
in December 2022.

Guest Editors:
Terese Zachrisson and Sara Ellis Nilsson
Abstracts may be sent to: