This second 2019-special issue of NJEL is dedicated to contributions relating to the Rule of Law. 


Article: Franziska-Marie Laura Hilpert, 'An Old Procedure with new Solutions for the Rule of Law Crisis'

Article: Joshua Chung, 'The Operationalisation of the Rule of Law in the EU Legal Order'

Article: David Klaiber, 'A Critical Analysis of the Dublin-IV Proposal with Regards to Fundamental- and Human Rights Violations and the EU Institutional Battle: How Can We Overcome this Outdated Dublin Model?'

Article: Patrick Leisure, Has the 'War on Terror' Put Due Process on the Stand? Why the ECJ's Approach in KADI II Should Be Used Across the Atlantic'

Case Note: Xavier Groussot, Niels Kirst, Patrick Leisure, 'SEGRO and its Aftermath: Between Economic Freedoms, Property Rights and the 'Essence of the Rule of Law' 

Published: 2019-12-13