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The Nordic Journal of European Law (NJEL) is an open-access and peer reviewed journal of European law with a Nordic perspective founded and managed by researchers at the Faculty of Law at Lund University, in cooperation with other Nordic universities. The Journal is published on a bi-annual basis via an open access format on the current webpage. 

The objective of the NJEL is both to promote knowledge and research in European law in the Nordic countries as well as creating a platform and a community for researchers and practitioners in different European law related fields. We welcome submissions from a broad spectrum of areas of European law, and embrace contributions with of interdisciplinary nature.  


Open access statement:

The NJEL is a fully open access journal, which means that all articles are available on the internet to all users immediately upon publication for free. Any user can read, download, redistribute in any form, copy, link or search the text of the articles. Non-commercial use and distribution in any medium is permitted, provided the author and the journal are properly credited.

All articles in all journals are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License