Entering the 2020s with thieving pelicans and a new Editor-in-Chief


Today, we are proud to officially open Volume 30 of Ornis Svecica. Last year saw many changes for the journal, and while we now have routines in place for the online publishing model that we implemented last year, this year comes with other changes. After an astounding 29 years as Editor-in-Chief, Sören Svensson now hands over this title to Jonas Waldenström. In addition, the editorial board is expanded with five new editors, who are presented here


The first paper of this volume is written by Hans Källander, and explores the interspecific associations between foraging Dalmatian Pelicans Pelecanus crispus and Great Cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo. Hans has analyzed observations made during eight visits to three Greek lakes between 1991 (which the year of Ornis Svecica’s first volume!) and 2018. He describes situations that are mutually beneficial for the two species, and instances of kleptoparasitism, when pelicans steel fish that the cormorants have caught. Read more at https://doi.org/10.34080/os.v30.20265.

In an editorial, we also dive into the outcome of last year’s transition to an online journal, with over 8,000 site visits from 60 countries since the launch in May 2019. Check out more figures and other news at https://doi.org/10.34080/os.v30.20573.