Jasper Krommendijk, Between Interpretation and Application of EU Law: Case-Tailored CJEU Judgments in the Preliminary Ruling Procedure ·

Martin Westlund, The Road Less Travelled in EU Asylum Law: The CJEU’s Restrictive Way of Reasoning and How a Different Approach Could Strengthen Human Rights

Arnljotur Astvaldsson, The Lost Traders? Considering the Distinction Between Professional and Non-Professional Actors in EU Law in the Light of New Types of Economic Actors

Radu Mares, Directors’ Duties During the Green Transition under EU Law - Reform and Ramifications from Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence

Snjólaug Árnadóttir, International Obligations Calling for Constitutional Protection of the Right to a Healthy Environment – an Icelandic Perspective

Jarne De Geyter, Revisiting the Standing Debate Before the EFTA Court through the Lens of Post-Lisbon EU Developments Regarding Locus Standi

Book Review

Pablo Martín Rodríguez, The Respect of The Rule of Law by the European Union in Times of Economic Emergency – Apropos of Anna Zemskova’s Brilliant Ph.D.

Published: 2023-10-31