Om profetskap och synen på Jesus bland muslimer. Ett exempel från Damaskus

  • Leif Stenberg


In the article entitled “Views on Jesus and Prophethood among Muslims – An example from Damascus” Muslim views on the role of prophets are reviewed, especially from a mainstream Sunni perspective. However, the main aim of the article is to briefly introduce the role of one of the Islamic prophets, Sayyid al-Masih, “Jesus”, and to explain the relationship between him and the Quran. In the last part of the article views on Sayyid al-Masih are discussed through the understanding of him in a specific mosque context, the Abu Nur mosque in Damascus, Syria. In addition, more general ideas on Islam in this particular mosque are presented. In the end, it is stated that the study of images of figures like Sayyid al-Masih is beneficial to scholarship concerning the understanding Jesus.