Den undanträngda frågan

  • Holsten Fagerberg


THE REPRESSED QUESTION, the title of the essay, deals with natural order as a presupposition for evolution. Why does not chaos ensue from the constant duel between life and death? Why does evolution lead to the ingenious constructions which science elucidate ever more distinctly?

Darwin presumed two opposite forces as the motor of evolution, the destructive struggle for the existence and the edifying Natural Selection. Like the artificial selection, the Natural one was guided by the «use». «I have called this principle, by which each slight variation, if useful, is preserved by the term Natural Selection», Darwin wrote. This concept explains why cosmos instead of chaos became the final result of evolution. Darwin explicitly rejected chance as a solution.

A modern answer to the question of order instead of chaos is taken from physics. Its most basic law is the second main clause of the thermodynamics of the entropy, which anticipates the gradual collapse of the universe by the warming death. However, it seems as if life is able to prevent this outcome by creating order out of chaos in open thermodynamic systems. Perhaps a tendency towards a higher order has been laid down in the laws of nature.