På bägge sidor om Åreskutan

Undervisningens utmaning i Norska och Svenska kyrkan


  • Jakob Wirén


This article explores Christian education and learning in the Church of Sweden and the Church of Norway today. Given the impact of major changes in society and in school curricula over the last fifty years, the conditions of this work are changing. What major challenges are identified today? How have these two churches responded to the new circumstances? The Church of Norway has developed a systematic programme for education and learning in all congregations. What is the rationale behind this approach and to what extent does it resonate with the challenges in the Church of Sweden? The author argues that so far, the Church of Sweden has not responded strategically and systematically to a situation where the schools are no longer responsible for the teaching of Christian faith. Even though the Church of Norway's programme is developed from specific conditions and in a certain context, there may be lessons to be learnt for other churches, such as the Church of Sweden. In the concluding part of the article, these alleged lessons are reflected on theologically and pedagogically.