PeerWise-based Exam Questions Bank in a Computer Engineering Course


  • Flavius Gruian


PeerWise, self-assessment, peer-assessment, formative assessment, examination, multiple-choice questions


In this report we present our attempt to introduce an online question bank based on PeerWise as way of supporting self and peer assessment, while at the same time a way of identifying misconceptions and building a database of exam questions for our Design of Embedded Systems course (EDAN15) at the Department of Computer Science. During the course we have also brifly employed Mentimeter, an online clicker environment, as a bridge towards PeerWise. As an evaluation of our approach, we intended to use the statistics provided by PeerWise and correlate this activity with exam results, CEQ answers as well as feedback from interviews. Preliminary results (the course is still ongoing) show that the online activity is rather low, due to, we believe, weak incentive to engage. Offering significant rewards to boost motivation proved to be beyond the time frame of our current project, due to the large delays associated with the bureaucratic process of changing course descriptions.