Improving Students Interactions during Lectures by Using Mentimeter


  • Hoda Davarzani


This report presents the performed attempt to employ audience voting/response system in order to increase students’ engagement during the lectures. “Mentimeter” as an online voting service was used and the context of the study was a master level course in engineering school, department of Industrial management and logistics. Students were asked to anonymously reply multiple‐answer questions related to the material of the lecture. They were not forced to participate but high number of respondents and what they mentioned during short chats after the class supports that they found it interesting and easy to use. As the main purpose of using this tool was to increase level of engagement, in addition to direct observation and communication during the lectures, students were asked to evaluate their experience with Mentimeter at the end of the course. Results show using this tool let students to be more interested in course material and feel more involved during the lectures.