Role of Course Evaluation Questionnaire at LTH


  • Kirsti Adham
  • Hasan Hosseini
  • Mehran Naseri Rad
  • Antti Ranni
  • Pradheebha Surendiran


CEQ, Summative feedback, Course development, Web survey, Interview


Course evaluations are an important tool used at LTH to probe course quality and learning. Students are handed out a questionnaire to fill in to give feedback on the courses. However, there is a student concern that these questionnaires are not taken into account and thus do not help to develop the courses. In this project we have investigated how CEQ is followed up and how it improves courses by investigating the course archive, conducting interviews with course responsibles and an online survey. The study highlighted the challenges of rigorously following them up due to a number of factors such as lack of student participation, inadequate comments to support change and also broader nature of CEQs. In addition to the reflections from the interviews conducted, a web survey provided additional and supportive information.