Sketching as learning method in different disciplines - Architecture, Natural and Social Sciences


  • Janna Alvedalen
  • René Andersson
  • Oddfrid Førland
  • Erik Tonning Jensen
  • Fredrik Linander


The purpose of this report is to study how one teaching and learning method – sketching – is
represented in different disciplines, and discuss how it can impact learning. With an outset in our own experiences on how sketching is used in teaching situations at the Department of Architecture at LTH we apply and unfold three aspects of sketching; discovery, abstraction and evolution. From there we look at how sketching is used (and partially differs from architecture) within the fields of natural science and social sciences (business studies), and discuss its role for a deep approach to learning. It is well documented that sketching is a valuable tool for teaching and learning; it is an active learning method that supports deep learning. We are attempting to recommend more fields to apply sketching as a learning tool in academic teaching situations.