Lab reports at LTH - why and how


  • Mohammad Attari
  • Mattias Fält
  • Iman Ghotbi
  • Albin Heimerson
  • Nils Vreman


lab, oral report, written report, assessment, preparatory tasks, learning approaches, LTH


Previous works have studied how labs affect students as well as how the labs should be designed for improved learning. We choose to pose the questions of why and how lab reports should be used. Many departments seem to have lab reports as a default choice, without much reasoning behind it. We perform several interviews at different departments to see what they utilize and whether they have considered any alternative assessment methods. Generally, the different departments have underlying reasons for their choice of assessment methods. However, there is not a lot of re-evaluation regarding what methods to use. We think an important step would be to encourage more communication between departments to incite discussion and thought behind these choices. It can easily be the case that habits have taken over and discussing methods with close colleagues might not bring any new ideas to the table.