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Riktlinjer för författare

Svensk teologisk kvartalsskrift (STK)/ Swedish Theological Quarterly

Manuscript Guidelines



A)    Regarding CONTENT


The submitted text should consist of the following five key elements:


1)      The name, academic title, postal adress, phone number and email of the author

2)      A suitable title and subtitle (optional) for the article in question.

3)      A tentative presentation of the author, including current and/or relevant research projects and publications.

4)      The article proper, which should be written in a regular 12 point-sized font, preferably Garamond or Times, and line-spaced at 1,5. Maximum length is 40 000 characters, including footnotes and spaces. (This amounts to roughly 6000 words, or about 15 pages of text in the format specified here.)

5)      Finally, in case the article is written in a language other than English, a summary in English of 200-250 words is to be included.    



B)    Regarding REFERENCES


Footnotes are indicated with Arabic numerals in the text body. The references themselves are to be placed at the bottom (“foot”) of each page. “University Press” should be abbreviated to “UP” The first time a reference is made to a certain publication, please use the following format:  


1)      Monographs: John F. A. Sawyer, The Fifth Gospel: Isaiah in the History of Christianity (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1996), 21.


2)      Anthology entries: Birger Olsson, “Förstår du vad du läser?”, 169-184 in Mellan tid och evighet: Festskrift till Bo Johnsson (eds. S. Hidal, L. Haikola & S. Norin; Lund: Teologiska intstitutionen, 1994), 170.


3)      Journal articles: Georg Foot More, ”Christian Writers on Judaism”, 197-254 in Harvard Theological Review 14 (1921), 197.


Subsequent references to the same publication are made in the following way, using only the name of the author and the page number:


                      Sawyer, 24.


Should more than one publication by the same author be referenced in the same article, the title may be indicated in abbreviated form (in italics in the case of monographs, and between “quotation marks” in the case of journal articles or anthology entries). Typically, this merely means omitting any subtitles:


                      Sawyer, The Fifth Gospel, 24.


                      Foot More, “Christian Writers on Judaism”, 223.

The following is NOT to be specified in references: (a) any information relating to book series, (b) the name of the North American state (as in the United States) that the city of residence of a certain publishing house belongs to (unless prompted by reasons of clarity, as in “Cambridge, Mass.”), (c) any editors or authors numbering above three. In such cases, please use the first name only: “Sawyer et al”. Moreover, please use “non-breaking” spaces (control+shift+space in MS Word) to avoid unwanted linebreaks, for example between the initials “F.” and “A.” in John F. A. Sawyer, or in the names of certain books of the Bible, for example “2 Kings”.


C)    General Information


All articles are sent in MS Word-format as email attachments to our editorial secretary at stk.red@teol.lu.se. If the article contains some diagram, illustration or non-Latin characters, please send a physical printout as well at:


The Swedish Theological Review (STK)



The editorial board meets on a quarterly basis. Accordingly, it might take some time before we are able to provide any kind of feedback on submitted material. If your submission is accepted, it will be set up by the editorial secretary, whereafter you will receive a proof copy for proofreading. At this stage, only linguistic and/or factual errors can be corrected. The proof copy is to be returned within a week.