El espejismo del Norte: los Geats y la pasión escandinava en la obra de Alejandro Busuioceanu

The mirage of the North: Getae and Scandinavian passion in the works of Alejandro Busuioceanu





exile, Alexandru Busuioceanu , literary criticism, art critique, poetry


One of the less discussed figures of the Romanian exile caused by the fraudulent establishment of communism in Romania is the polygraph Alexandru Busuioceanu, who wrote poetry in three languages, but also art criticism, literary criticism, and history. The present research is interested in the ideational intertwining of Busuioceanu's intellectual life. As regards his poetry, the volume “Poemas patéticos” of 1948 is analyzed in particular. The writer formulated bold hypotheses which he justified with erudite arguments. Busuioceanu's research, like his art, was carried out in several countries, so access to sources and linguistic context was unmediated. The scholarly legacy of Vasile Pârvan, whose disciple Busuioceanu was, proved also important for this work. Has this enormous intellectual cargo and capacity imprinted Busuioceanu´s creativity or did he preserve his pristine imagination and thinking?

Author Biography

Felix Nicolau, Complutense University of Madrid

Felix Nicolau is a visiting Professor at Complutense University of Madrid and a Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages and Communication, The Technical University of Civil Engineering, Bucharest, Romania. He was a visiting professor at the Faculty of Humanities, Lund University, Sweden between 2017 and 2021. He is affiliated to the Doctoral School of Philology at 1 Decembrie 1918 University of Alba Iulia. He defended his PhD in Romanian and Comparative Literature in 2003 and is the author of many books on literary and communication theory: Istoria nucleară a culturii. Cuante hermeneutice (2021), Ingen fara på taket/ Totul e sub control. Lär dig rumänska/ Învaţã limba românã (2020).You Are not Alone. Culture and Civilization (2018), Morpheus: from Text to Images. Intersemiotic Translations (2016), Take the Floor. Professional Communication Theoretically Contextualized (2014), Cultural Communication: Approaches to Modernity and Postmodernity (2014), Comunicare şi creativitate. Interpretarea textului contemporan (Communication and Creativity. The Interpretation of Contemporary Text, 2014), Homo Imprudens (2006), Anticanonice (Anticanonicals, 2009), Codul lui Eminescu (Eminescu’s Code, 2010), and Estetica inumană: de la Postmodernism la Facebook (The Inhuman Aesthetics: from Postmodernism to Facebook, 2013), a few volumes of poetry and novels. He is a member of the editorial board of the Swedish Journal of Romanian Studies. His areas of interest are translation studies, the theory of communication, comparative literature, cultural studies, translation studies, and British, American, and Romanian studies.


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Nicolau, F. . (2023). El espejismo del Norte: los Geats y la pasión escandinava en la obra de Alejandro Busuioceanu: The mirage of the North: Getae and Scandinavian passion in the works of Alejandro Busuioceanu. Swedish Journal of Romanian Studies, 6(1), 349–360. https://doi.org/10.35824/sjrs.v6i1.24972