About the Journal

Rethinking Scandinavia is an online academic journal for the international research field of Scandinavian Studies. The ambition is to offer a qualitative open access publication forum for transdisciplinary and transnational research into the cultures of the Nordic Countries.

More specifically the aim of the journal is to help creating connections and collaborations between the international field of research called Scandinavian Studies or Skandinavistik conducted outside of the Nordic region and the "native" research conducted inside the Nordic in disciplines such as Comparative Literature, Film Studies, Arts and Cultural Sciences and the Linguistics of the Nordic languages.

In following a longstanding tradition in Scandinavian Studies the journal is multilingual and all articles written in one of the Scandinavian languages are published untranslated.

The journal is published by the Center for Scandinavian Studies Copenhagen-Lund (CSS), an organization that started its activities in 2010 and is based on a close collaboration between the Institut for Nordiske Studier og Sprogvidenskab (NorS) [Institute for Nordic Studies and Linguistics] at the University of Copenhagen and Språk- och litteraturcentrum (SOL) [Centre for Languages and Literature] at Lund University.