Analysis and suggestions of improvements for a diffraction lab


  • Linus Andersson
  • Isabella Silva Barreto
  • Hugo Laurell
  • Edvin Olofsson
  • Robin Weissenbilder


Lab teaching, Diffraction, Motivation, Kolb's learning cycle, six C's, Constructive alignment, Social constructivism


This report analyses a Diffraction lab with a social constructivist perspective and suggests improvements that could increase motivation. Specifically, with focus on Kolb’s learning cycle, Paris and Turners six C’s and the theory of Constructive alignment. There is an evident difference in motivation depending on the study program, which could be due to imbalance of Kolb’s learning cycle, unaccommodated learning styles, lack of one or several of the six C’s and the lab lacking constructive alignment with the learning outcomes and assessment. In the report, several suggestions of improvements of the lab design to increase the students’ motivation is presented. The suggested improvements should be assessed by comparing with previous lab reports, course evaluations and utilizing classroom assessment techniques. Depending on if the goal is for all students to attain the same level of motivation and learning approach or not, all or only part of the improvements could be implemented.