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ScieCom info – Nordic-Baltic Forum for Scientific Communication is a two-year project funded by the Nordbib research funding programme

ISSN: 1652-3202

• To inspire new activities and facilitate knowledge exchange between Nordic/Baltic stakeholder, and to increase the international visibility of Nordic and Baltic policies and initiatives
• To stress the importance of Open Access in the Nordic and Baltic countries and to describe both theoretical and best-practice models for financing, rights management and other fundamental issues.
• To disseminate to both a Nordic/Baltic and an international readership information about successful initiatives and other activities in the Nordic and Baltic countries.


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Vol 9, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents


Welcome to the summer issue of ScieCom info, Nordic-Baltic forum for Scientific Communication.
Ingegerd Rabow

News & Notices

DOAJ announces new selection criteria
Ingegerd Rabow
Peter Suber to Direct Harvard’s Office for Scholarly Communication (OSC)
Ingegerd Rabow
Wellcome Trust extends open access policy
Ingegerd Rabow


The 18th Nordic Workshop on Bibliometrics and Research Policy 2013
The 8th Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing 2013 - Entering the Next Stage


Compliance in a world of limited choices PDF
Lars Pettersson
Can open access create a sound scholarly publishing market? PDF
Ulf Kronman, Anna Lundén
Altmetrics: an alternate perspective on research evaluation PDF
Pernille G. Rasmussen, Jens Peter Andersen
Polymetrics: a brief review of different ways to measure research impact PDF
Hampus Rabow
A Start for Implementing ORCID in the Swedish Research Information Infrastructure PDF
Jonas Gilbert
Support open access publishing - a DEFF funded project PDF
Jeannette Ekstrøm
The Tromsø publication fund – extreme growth! PDF
Jan Erik Frantsvåg
Good growth in OA in Tromsø PDF
Jan Erik Frantsvåg
Open Access policies and the supporting infrastructure: status in Denmark PDF
Mikael K Elbæk
FinnOA: 10 years of open access work and a road map for the future. PDF
Turid Hedlund, Annikki Roos
The important developments within academic publishing and OA in Iceland: a short overview PDF
Solveig Thorsteinsdottir
From bibliographic to full text open access database on Lithuanian Studies PDF
Lina Bloveščiūnienė, Rūta Petrauskaitė

ISSN: 1652-3202