Frontiere și contacte. Studii culturale

Borders and contacts. Cultural studies


  • Mihaela Albu USR, UZPR



borders, local, regional, linguistics, literature, culture


The volume Borders and Contacts. Local, Regional and Global Phenomena, coordinated by Carmen Darabus and Camelia Zabava, brings together 28 papers presented by different scholars (from Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, the Northern Macedonia, Lithuania, and Sweden) in a panel organized at Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, in June 22nd 2019. The volume is structured in three chapters: linguistics, literature and cultural studies. All the papers, having different subjects, are subordinated to the maine topic and try to demonstrate that the borders separate people, but the culture unites them.

Author Biography

Mihaela Albu, USR, UZPR

Mihaela Albu (b. 1947 in Craiova), poet, novelist, literary historian, and critic, earned her Ph.D. in Philology in 1983 from the University of Bucharest. In 1974 she became a professor at the University of Craiova, where she served until 2012. She then joined the Department of Journalism at the Spiru Haret University, Bucharest, where she held the professor position for three years. From 1999 to 2004, she was selected through merit-based competition to become a visiting professor at Columbia University in New York, where she taught the Romanian language and culture. During her stay in the United States, M. Albu was editor of the periodical Lumea libera/ The Free World while handling the literary section in the Romanian Journal (both in Romania and New York). She is a member of various scientific and cultural associations, including the Romanian Writers’ Union, the Union of Professional Journalists in Romania, the Romanian-American Academy, the Romanian Committee of the History and Philosophy of Science and Technics (part of the Romanian Academy). M. Albu is head (and founder) of the international cultural journal Carmina Balcanica, the literary journal Antilethe, and editor-in-chief of the literary journal Lumina lina / Gracious Light (USA). She is head of the International Cultural Association ‟Cultural Balcanica”, and a member of the editorial board for numerous journals and periodicals. She is also coordinator of the collection Cărțile exilului / The books of Exile from Aius Publishing House. M. Albu is the author of over 400 essays, published in Romania, the United States, Germany, Italy, Israel, Moldova, Canada, England, and the writer of about 30 volumes of literary criticism, poems, short stories, and interviews.


Dărăbuș, C., Zăbavă, C. (2020). Frontiere și contacte. Fenomene locale, regionale și globale/ Borders and Contacts. Local, Regional and Global Phenomena. Craiova: Editura Aius.




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