Personajul masculin sau criza reîntregirii arhetipale / The male character or the archetypal reunification crisis

  • Alina Maria Nechita Centrul Universitar Nord Baia Mare
Keywords: male character, archetype, evolution, myth.


The outlining of male character traits is an intriguing concern in the literary exegesis and Carmen Dărăbuş manages to combine her passion and her vast knowledge from the philological and psycho-social sphere, to thoroughly and complexly analyze the characters of Romanian and universal texts. By proposing multiple interpretations, the author traces the evolutionary) trajectory of male characters (chronologically speaking), by highlighting the permanent capabilities of metamorphosis of the primordial pattern.


Author Biography

Alina Maria Nechita, Centrul Universitar Nord Baia Mare

Alina Maria Nechita was born on the 22nd of October 1986, in Baia Mare. In 2005, she completed the courses of the “Gheorghe Şincai” National College: Social Sciences profile, in her hometown. Between 2005 and 2008, she attended the F.S.P.A.C. (Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences) courses at the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. In 2011, she successfully completed the courses of Ethno-Tourism Master Program at the North University Centre of Baia Mare. As a much desired reconfiguration of the professional route, she applied to the Faculty of Letters from the University in Baia Mare, graduating as head of the promotion the Study Program: Romanian Language and Literature, in 2015. For the completion of the study cycle, she improves through the Master Program: Romanian Literature and European Modernism; and then through a three-year doctoral internship, completed in September 2018, with the doctoral thesis: “Ipostaze ale personajului feminin în literature română interbelică” (“The Female Character Aspects in Romanian Interwar Literature”), obtaining a PhD in Philology. From 2016, she is an associate teacher of North University Centre of Baia Mare responsible for the Universal and Comparative Literature seminars.


Dărăbuş, C. (2019). Despre personajul masculin. De la unitatea androginică la disiparea postmodernă / About the male character. From androgynous unity to postmodern dissipation. Cluj-Napoca: Casa Cărții de Știință.

Hemingway, E. (1992). Adio, arme / A Farewell to Arms. Traducere Radu Lupan. Bucureşti: Editura Vivaldi.

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Nechita, A. M. (2019). Personajul masculin sau criza reîntregirii arhetipale / The male character or the archetypal reunification crisis. Swedish Journal of Romanian Studies, 2(1), 200-203.

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