Nutida svensk pingstpredikan

Analys av tre pingstledares predikningar på Nyhemsveckan


  • Ulrik Josefsson Director of ALT (Academy for Leadership and Theology), Sweden


The Pentecostal Movement in Sweden is one of the bigger freechurch denominations in the country. It has a congregational structure led by a superintendent. The summer conference at Nyhem is the biggest meeting place for the group. Therefore, the object of this article is to analyse sermons held by the superintendents at the Nyhem Conference with the purpose of identifying the theological foundation of the spirituality that characterizes the contemporary Swedish Pentecostal Movement. The material is six sermons by three different superintendents during the period from 2006 to 2017.

Even if the material used in this study consists of sermons, this is more a study of spirituality than of homiletics. In the analysis, some main areas of contemporary Pentecostal spirituality are discussed in the perspective of continuity and change.

The result of the study shows that the contemporary Pentecostal spirituality in some important areas stands in full continuity with its historical roots. Examples of these areas are a focus on the authority of the Bible, the necessity of personal salvation, the longing for an experience of the Spirit, the urge toward mission and the emphasis on a pragmatic and active Christianity.

Two areas show a distinct discontinuity, in both cases with respect to the historical restorationism that was a kind of starting point for the whole theological system. The most obvious is the lack of eschatological references or discussion. Eschatology was one of the most important theological areas in older Pentecostal spirituality, but in this study it is almost totally absent. The other area is the movement’s historical self-image of uniqueness and alienation in relation to other Christian groups. Today, a strong connectedness to other Christians and a broader conception of church is expressed.

The main result of the study is a deeper understanding of the contemporary spirituality of the Pentecostal movement in Sweden. This spirituality may be described as a Jesus-centred practical Christianity
rooted in personal spiritual experiences.