Varför sjunger folk i kyrkan?


  • Sven-Åke Selander CTR


This article gives different answers to the question »Why do people sing in church?». The simplest answer is perhaps just that people enjoy singing. This is often the case when the hymns are well-known and people have strong memories attached to them.

One can also answer in principle: the hymn is related to a ritual; baptismal, wedding, funeral service, where emotions are experienced in common by those present and one follows a set pattern of worship.

People also enjoy singing hymns because they are part of the church year - »the ritual hub.»

Some people especially enjoy singing in the church building. This may be a reflection of the fellowship found in congregational singing but it could also be explained by the fact that the hymns allow people to express their own personal feeling for the church as a holy place, set apart for special experiences.

Hymns can also function as an aid to expressing what a person may have difficulty expressing otherwise. This is also true of the music; tonal expression can help people deepen their understanding of their faith, their doubts, or their need for a new verbal and tonal language. One could say that hymns enhance the interpretation of people’s existential questions and relates these to Christian tradition so that this deeper understanding can become part of one’s personality.