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Politics and Animals is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that explores the human-animal relationship from the vantage point of political science and political theory. It hosts international, multidisciplinary research and debate — conceptual and empirical — on the consequences and possibilities that human-animal relations have for politics and vice versa.

Politics and Animals publishes articles on a rolling basis within the current issue. Articles accepted for publication are added continuously to the current issue until that issue closes, ensuring the fastest possible turnaround times for authors. We are currently accepting submissions.



New Section Announced

The P/A Forum

Politics and Animals (P/A) offers a forum to scholars, policy makers, and those involved in the community/ies (e.g., activists, organizers, etc) interested in initiating conversations, dialogues, and debates around policy and contemporary issues related to human-animal relations. A submission to The P/A Forum may incorporate text as well as multimedia and is divided into the following three formats: "Response Articles", "Moderated Discussions", and "Interviews/Symposia". We welcome submissions to the P/A Forum. For more information about the P/A Forum please visit the "About" section of the journal.