Scandinavian Society for Person-Oriented Research (SPOR) Young Researcher Award 2021

is given to Wolfgang Wiedermann, University of Missouri, Columbia


  • Lars R. Bergman Department of Psychology, Stockholm University, Sweden



The award is given to Wolfgang Wiedermann, University of Missouri, Columbia, for his many contributions to new valuable methods for analyzing data in a person-oriented context.
Wiedermann has often, but not exclusively, carried out his research within the framework of the configural frequency analysis (CFA) tradition, in many cases in collaboration with Alexander von Eye. The CFA framework is eminently well suited to provide a methodological toolbox for the researcher carrying out person-oriented analyses. Wiedermann has been a driving force in developing many new methods that not only extend the CFA approach but which also in a clever and creative way makes use of other types of statistical methods to find new types of solutions to methodological challenges.

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