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ICO – Iconographisk Post. Nordisk tidskrift för bildtolkning – Nordic Review of Iconography is a Nordic review for iconographic research that aims to generate, discuss and disseminate new knowledge primarily regarding the visual cultural heritage of the Nordic region. Iconographical research is conducted by all disciplines concerned with interpretation and analysis of visual material, i.e. mainly in the humanities, theology, and some of the social sciences. It is ICO’s ambition to function as an interdisciplinary and inter Nordic forum for iconographical research in a broad sense. Besides scholarly articles and reviews, it contains short presentations of new literature and a forum for discussion of iconographical questions.

Iconography is primarily the study of the content and meaning of images and is used by different disciplines such as art history, semiotics, history, church history, archaeology, visual culture and media studies. Iconography is of central importance for the understanding and interpretation of visual images of all ages, as well as for how symbols, personifications and attributes change over time. As an analytical instrument, it is applicable to images of all cultures, from Sumerian cylinder seals to modern ads.

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No. 1-2 (2023)
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