Researching attractive work: Analyzing a model of attractive work using theories on applicant attraction, retention and commitment.

  • Mattias Åteg
  • Ann Hedlund


The purpose with this paper is to critically examine a content model of attractive
work, based on a theoretical overview of attraction research in the fields of recruitment, of retention, and of employee commitment.

Theories used within attraction research are reviewed and summarized with
emphasis on what can be learned from each theory, and on factors or aspects that have received empirical support. A content model of attractive work, aiming at providing an overall picture of the dimensions and qualities contributing to attraction is examined against the factors or aspects identified in the theories. The examination focuses on the level of correspondence between the model and the theories, but also on aspects or processes presented in the theories that are not included in the content model, and therefore provide opportunities for improvement of the model. A conclusion is that the content model of attractive work gives an overall picture of dimensions and qualities that contribute to make a work attractive, but, there are still factors relevant for work attraction that the
model does not explicitly describe.


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