Coronakrisens strategiska implikationer

Globala skiften och EU:s framtid


  • Rikard Bengtsson


Strategic implications of the Corona crisis: Global shifts and the future of the EU

This article addresses the strategic implications of the corona pandemic for the future of the EU. The analysis focuses on two processes of strategic relevance first, the securitization of pandemics and public health; second, how the pandemic accelerates and intensifies fundamental processes of change in global politics. These processes reflect the geopolitical and geoeconomic shifts in the direction of Asia as evident in the increasingly confrontational relationship between the United States and China, and the changing nature of globalization as a consequence of increasing political realization of vulnerabilities stemming from specialized production and complex supply chains. These developments have a set of decisive yet complex implications for the EU, regarding solidarity, supranationality and the institutional balance in the EU, competing conceptualizations of security, and preconditions for EU actorness in regional and global affairs.