Simbolismul solstițiului de vară. Lecturi comparative, Iosefina Blazsani-Batto

Symbolism of the summer solstice: comparative readings, Iosefina Blazsani-Batto




Summer solstice, rituals, magical practices, fairy tales, literary interpretations


In the book Symbolism of the Summer Solstice: Comparative Readings, Iosefina Blazsani-Batto approaches, through a comparative perspective, a theme with wide resonances in Romanian folkloric mythology, but also in the universal one, taken up by many historians of religions, exegetes and, last but not least, writers. The wide area of research reflects the author's desire to document as well as possible the scholarly approach to the theme and to give secondary importance to field sources, as well as to imaginative elaborations of them. The research, especially through its various hermeneutic possibilities, is a meritorious achievement which, complemented by the author's constant preoccupation with this field, offers a textually illustrated field of analysis of the subject, both in terms of theory (ethnography) and folklore and literature.

Author Biography

Carmen Dimitriu, Romanian Language Institute, Bucharest, Romania / Tel Aviv University, Israel

Carmen Dimitriu has a professional experience of 38 years. She is a graduate of the University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” in Iași, being specialized in Romanian-French. She earned a PhD in Philology, the topic of her doctoral thesis being language and style. She is the author of numerous studies on linguistics and culture.


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Dimitriu, C. (2023). Simbolismul solstițiului de vară. Lecturi comparative, Iosefina Blazsani-Batto: Symbolism of the summer solstice: comparative readings, Iosefina Blazsani-Batto. Swedish Journal of Romanian Studies, 6(1), 376–378.