Cătălina Iliescu-Gheorghiu: a polysystemic model for the comparative analysis of drama from the perspective of descriptive translation studies





drama translation; Polysystem Theory; Descriptive Translation Studies;


This review presents a recently published book authored by Cătălina Iliescu Gheorghiu, an academic actively involved in Romanian studies and a translator of Romanian literature. As the title suggests, it is a study that falls under the scope of Descriptive Translation Studies implying the polysystemic model posited by Lambert and Van Gorp for the comparative analysis of drama. The corpus under scrutiny is made up utterances extracted from the play A treia țeapă (The Third Stake) by Marin Sorescu and the corresponding utterances from two of its translations into English. The analytical part is backed up by a solid theoretical framework with its latter section lending the overall structure of the analysis. The categories subject to investigation are (i) preliminary data, (ii) the macro-level structures, (iii) the micro-level structures and (iv) the systemic context. The methodology experimented with drama translation and the findings deriving from it have proved their validity and are valuable input for other similar and possibly more comprising research that can use these findings as hypotheses to be tested further.

Author Biography

Mona Arhire, Transilvania University of Brașov, Romania

Mona Arhire is a graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Bucharest, the specialism Arabic and English. In 2006 she was awarded the doctoral degree in Philology by the University Lucian Blaga of Sibiu. She delivers lectures on Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication to B.A. and M.A. students at Transilvania University of Braşov, the Faculty of Letters, where she is a professor at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics and where she has been working since 1997. Her main fields of scientific interest are Descriptive Translation Studies, Corpus-based Translation Studies and Stylistics. She has published several books, course books, articles and reviews in her areas of interest at publishing houses, in journals and conference proceedings volumes both in Romania and abroad. She has also been a professional translator for over twenty years, translating from and into Romanian, English, German and Arabic.


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