Gemensamma psalmer – i olika böcker

Ett försök till inventering


  • Karin Karlsson Kyrkomusiker, bibliotekarie, fil. lic. i litteraturvetenskap.


The present study constitutes an annotated inventory of hymnals and hymn collections in Sweden since the middle of the twentieth century. The material draws on books published by all Christian denominations during the period in question and sheds light on ecumenical matters, adaptation of hymns to new contexts, as well as on tendencies and idiosyncrasies of different waves and inclinations of original hymn writing. Sub-categories, such as hymns for children and schools, and hymns in periods of changing religious and cultural landscapes are given particular attention. The text also studies the changing relationships between those who have issued and consolidated hymns and hymn collections of semi-official and official status. In the latter process individual authors and composers, church leaders, bishops, governments and commercial publishers may operate with different degrees of interaction.